Check This Out!

First, I apologize for not blogging Wednesday. I got busy with a story that took the whole day and since I do not have a Blackberry, I could not blog on the run.

But I’m back today — and pimping something I do every Thursday night that I think you would be worth your time to watch. For those of you who watch in the morning, you might not be aware that every Thursday night for the last 8 months, I have hosted a segment of the 11pm news called “Check It Out”.It all came out of a conversation from the powers that be asking me what was missing from our newscast. I have always felt that – given our slogan “where you come first” – we need to address something that everyone needs. In this case, information about what’s happening in western Pennsylvania this weekend. It’s not fluff, but real information about a city that is changing.

Pittsburgh has seen a boom in the number of restaurants and clubs as well as showplaces and entertainment venues. No lie – every week there seems to be a new place cropping up and if we don’t tell Pittsburgh viewers about these places – and take them there – they will look to some other source for information.

So each week, I pick three things that you may want to “Check Out”. It’s been a successful segment – a hit with not only viewers but also the entertainment community in town. In previous weeks, we have shown viewers a bank vault that was converted into a restaurant, a play where patrons are actually showered in blood — and Allegheny county’s only drive-in theatre.

I hope you will tune in tonight at 11pm to “Check It Out”, but if you can’t don’t worry. We will replay the segment on Channel 4 Action News Saturday morning — and, of course, you can find it here on our website.

“Check It Out” tonight, if you can! You won’t be disappointed.

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