Taking You Out to the Ballgame

Child porn .. friends dying .. Presidential debates. Even I have to admit I’ve been blogging about some pretty depressing and down things the last few days. But, as you know, I am naturally an upbeat person so it’s time to bounce back with something sure to warm your heart on a summer day.

If you are one of those people sick of the Pirates and the losing, let me take you out to Hopewell. That’s where some kids — and their enthusiastic parents — are playing the great American past time and building their field of dreams.

Saturday, I took part in their all-star tournament — which featured teams from McCandless, Washington and Center as well as Hopewell. The tournament also turned out to be a fund-raiser for Hopewell baseball – which is raising money to complete a massive field renovation.

I tossed out the first pitch at two games, ran the bases before the all-star skills competition, helped sell raffle tickets and posed with Hopewell’s 11-year-old championship baseball team ( see the photo above).

Having been a former little leaguer myself,I forgot how much fun it was to be at the ballpark and watch kids compete. We all complain about the greedy millionaires of sports – and closer to home we complain about the Pirates pathetic play on the field. I think it would do all us jaded sports fans good to go see these young people play. Little League is still one of the lone bastions of true amateur sports – where winning and money are not part of the equation.

Makes me wish I was coaching youth baseball — or even had a child in the program, although after seeing the league commissioner multi-tasking which included watering the fields between games, I don’t know if I have the time to really make the kind of commitment these parents have.


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