What’s Good About Our Town

This blog was inspired by a conversation I had with a viewer while shopping. He asked me what my career goals were – and to be honest – I said I did not know. I wasn’t being evasive, I just have not thought about it much recently. The viewer went onto say I hope you don’t leave town anytime soon. A compliment if there ever was one.

Leaving Pittsburgh is not in my immediate plans ( or in my contract anytime soon ). I like what I am doing, who I am doing it with and where I live. As the years go, my admiration for western Pennsylvania grows. I have always been impressed with the possibilities of Pittsburgh when it comes to it’s rivers, it’s communities and it’s people. But now, there is an excitement about this town as it begins to fulfill it’s potential – at last.

It started with two new stadiums – and has continued with the development of the South Side and now the boom in city housing options. It’s skyline is dramatic — while it’s people remain down-to-earth and act like common folk. While we are between bigger cities like Chicago, New York and DC, we are somehow an island to ourselves – not influenced by the spectre of those larger towns.

One of my favorites websites ( aside from the Pittsburgh channel ) is iheartpgh.com. I recently learned it’s written by Lindsay Patross – a young woman who has one rule for her site: be positive about Pittsburgh. I could not agree with her more. While we do have our issues ( taxes, parking and a bad baseball team ), we also have so much that makes us unique.

I’m sure the time will come that I will leave Pittsburgh – and it will be a sad occasion. Knowing full well that I will likely never live in a place quite like our town. The good news? There seem to be Pittsburghers everywhere – and they take a part of the town to whatever city these now call home. I’m sure I will do the same.

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