Saved on a Screen

I’m not one of those people to put a whole lot of personal mementos and pictures on my desk ( even though I bear my soul everyday in cyberspace ). I guess I have never felt comfortable about having my family and personal life on my desk, even though I do it on-line everyday ( Like I said, my thought process makes no sense ).

Sharon is not like that at all. She doesn’t decorating her workspace with pictures and having a stuffed version of Boobaloo on her desk. Of course, I always hoped she had a picture of me where I had my eyes open and I don’t look fat. So much for that.

The other day, she sent me the screen saver she uses at work … and much to my dismay … I look like a goof. Of course, you are always hardest on yourself, but take a look at this goofy photo:

Sharon says it’s a way to keep an eye on her “two boys” when she is at work. I look fat and kind of dorky — and I’m sure Boobaloo is not crazy about having those “devil eyes”. What do you think? I’m sure the ladies out there will say it’s a “cute” photo, but I think the guys are on my side with this one. I mean imagine if the shoe was on the other foot – and I had a bad photo of her on my desk?

OK. I’m done venting. Have a wonderful weekend … and I’ll see you all bright and early Monday .. and thanks for stopping by my little spot on the web.

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