Robin’s Battle

I decided not to blog about this topic until I had a full day to digest it.

You have no doubt heard by now that “Good Morning America” co-host Robin Roberts has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She made the announcement Tuesday morning on GMA. She did it as she has done everything in her life — with style, with class, with grace and even with humour. Still, you could tell there was fear in her face – a fear of the unknown.
You also know by now that Robin discovered her illness completely by accident. The death of a colleague led her to take the unusual step of conducting a self-exam. That is when she discovered the lump — and her battle began. She will go in for surgery on Friday to remove the lump and her treatments will begin soon after that.
Her story hit me on two fronts. Like you, I learned of her condition while watching GMA at 7:30. We had no advanced word that she would break the news on the air. It hit me like a punch to the gut. I was shaken and I was scared for her. While Robin and I have never met face-to-face, we have built a modern-day relationship — through satellite connections and TV technology. Kelly, Robin and I speak almost every morning — and our discussions are real and that is why they are the most popular portion of our morning broadcast with viewers.

The second way this hurts is because of my connection to the Race for the Cure. Channel 4 does more than sponsor the event, Michelle Wright and I serve as emcees and honorary chairs. This event – and the race to find a cure for breast cancer – has become a passion of ours. It’s no longer about making a public appearance, it’s about making a difference.

If you tuned in at 6:30m, you saw us speak with Robin for the first time since her announcement. I hope Shannon and myself were able to convey all the love and good wishes you have for her. I know she appreciates every kind wish that was sent from western Pennsylvania to the GMA message boards.

We also sent her a more tangible sign of support. The morning show crew made this card that we sent to Robin this morning. While it’s just us in the photo, we hope we are representing all of you in wishing Robin all the best and a speedy recovery.

On a personal note – I wish Robin much love and good health. She has the right attitude to beat this and strength to not only win, but also show others how to defeat this terrible illness.

( Robin Roberts photo courtesy: ABC News )

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