Mistake Made, Lesson Learned

One thing I have discovered about blogging: It gives me a chance to speak without really speaking and a chance to discuss my feelings and release inner thoughts through the written word. That is what today’s entry entails.

I made a mistake Wednesday. My error did not hurt anyone, did no damage and did not cause anybody to get in trouble. Still — for various reasons – I cannot go into detail about my error. Suffice it to say, I let some very important people in my life down and for that, I am sorry.

Still, apologizing has not cleared my conscience or my soul. I have that feeling you have as a kid when you knew you did something wrong and you knew waiting nervously for your father to get home. You knew your dad would be angry and might spank you. You remember that feeling? That’s how I feel right now and I have not felt that way in a long time.

Mistakes hurt because when you do something wrong, you fear it will outweigh all the good will you have accumulated in people over the years. Even worse, you feel the people who trust you might not feel as confident in your skills in the future.

Yes, everybody does make mistakes — and the true test of character is how we bounce back from those errors. So I will try today to make amends for my mistakes – and try to do better. That is all we can do when we mess up. In just doing our best every single day, we slowly win back the trust of our friends, family and colleagues.

Sorry I’m being so secretive, but it’s not the mistake that deserves the focus. It is the desire to do right where you have done wrong and let down others. That is my lesson learned.


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