Random Thoughts Over A Morning Cup of Coffee

Just a few thoughts from the weekend …. as I sip my first cup of coffee this week.

It was a surreal scene watching Barry Bonds bash record-tying home run #755. There were fans booing, although the fans that cheered drowned them out. The commissioner standing, but keeping his hands in his pocket. What should have been a moment for the ages is now nothing more than a footnote to a sorry chapter in sports history. But let’s not pin it all on Barry Bonds and his alleged use of steroids. After all, I didn’t see any fans questioning the home run heyday of the late 90’s.

Watching the Steelers pre-season opener, you could not help but be struck the style and demeanor of Mike Tomlin on the sidelines. While he is not a 180 degree turn from Bill Cowher, he is very different – a quiet sort of confidence as it were. He leads by example rather by deed and his sideline style rather than by jaw-effacing action as his predecessor did. Steeler Nation should be encouraged and relieved by what it saw Sunday in Canton, Ohio.

My wife just got back from the Yearly Kos convention in Chicago — the national meeting of liberal Internet bloggers. Bloggers with enough pull that all the democratic Presidential candidate showed up for a panel discussion at the convention. While my wife, politically savvy as she is, had a wonderful time she says the highlight was meeting and greeting Barack Obama. The story she told that struck me? How when she told those at the convention that she was from Pittsburgh – everybody inquired about Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. I guess – at least on the national scene – he is scene as an up and comer and worthy of attention.

Finally, I tossed on the glasses this morning because my eyes are bothering me and I need to take a break from contact lenses. I think I look better without the glasses, but friends of mine seem to like it. Let me ask you – my faithful blog readers – should I keep the specs or ditch them? Let me know.

( photos: Courtesy of AP )

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