The Goods on the Glasses … and a Note of Thanks

Thanks to everyone who took time out to write a response to my inquiry about whether to wear glasses on the air or not. I got some 15 responses ( all from wonderful women ) weighing in on this issue. Some thought I look sophisticated, others thought it was time for a change of style. Most of you felt that either way I looked OK .. and whatever worked best for me would be fine.

Thanks once again – and I think what I will do is take my cue from Kelly Frey and put on my glasses ( new ones in the near future) every time I need to give my eyes a break. Of course, I will have to coordinate my glasses with Kelly’s so we match ( after all, we have this habit of wearing the same outfit every so often ).

Speaking of “Thank You”, let me tell you quickly about a thank you note I received — from one of our interns. Now that the summer is winding down, our interns are wrapping up their “real world” experiences and getting ready to go back to class. One of our talented interns, Haley, gave me a “thank you note”. It was a hand written expression of thanks for what she had learned this summer.

While it was appreciated, what really impressed me was that I was not alone in getting a note. She wrote “thank you” letters to many staff members here. Listen, my handwriting has gone to hell as I have gotten older – the result on spending my days on a keyboard – so I really do appreciate the handwritten note. Also, Haley is a very talented young woman whom I have no doubt will be a success as a TV reporter or anchor, so she didn’t need to write this to curry favor with us. She did it because she cared about us – and I appreciate it.

I also have learned a lesson about interns. We – as professionals – need to guide them and help them all we can because they are the future of our industry. We need to not only show them all we know but also encourage them and tell them not to be afraid of the road that lies ahead. Someday, some young kid will replace me – and I know that. I just want to make sure that I had a hand in making sure that someone is truly ready to step into my role.

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