Facing the Music

A couple of quick things before the main blogging begins: Kelly’s back and it’s great to see her. After all, it’s been almost a week and a half. As for the name of the Steeler mascot – “Steely McBeam” – I guess I can live with it. But he’ll always be “The Jaw” to me.

Now, for the main topic. I’m taking Friday off this week. Actually, I’m taking the next four Fridays off. Now that I work in news and have worked at WTAE for over a decade, I have some serious vacation time that I can use and I might as well as some fun and worsk some four day weeks.

While I have plans for the weekend – I’m starting off my off-time with something I have not done in about seven years. I’m going to a concert. The last concert I went to was Dave Matthews performing at the then-Star Lake ampitheatre.

While many of you know that I like music, I have never been much of a concert goer. I’m not into mosh pits, loud music or paying one hundred bucks to stand and watch when I could sit down at home and enjoy the same sounds. However, I do love what is called Contemporary Jazz ( no it’s not elevator music ) and one of my favorite artists is saxophonist Boney James.

James will be performing at the Byham Friday and when our friends — who also like contemporary Jazz — told us James would be in town and tickets had just gone on sale, I made the call and got seats right in the middle of the theatre about 15 rows back. I’m excited because I have never heard what comtemporary jazz sounds like in a live venue. In fact, I have only been to three concerts in my life: Squeeze when I was in collge, Maxwell when I started dating Sharon and – as I mentioned – Dave Matthews.

Should be a good show — and I’ll let you know on Monday how it went. Have a great weekend everyone – and to all of you who were so kind to send me your thoughts on the glasses – thanks again. I’ll be picking up a new pair when I get back and hopefully, when I wear them, they will meet with your apporval.

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