A Weekend Getaway … to Erie?

I’ve never been to Erie, so the idea of going there for a weekend at the beach wasn’t exactly the most appetizing proposition I have ever had. I mean when I think of the beach, I think Ocean City, not one hour west of Buffalo. Still, Sharon wanted to go to the beach this weekend so I agreed – as long as I could play golf nearby while she was getting some sun. My theory being I really didn’t need much more sun – after all, I have had this tan for 39 years.

After her beach day – and my less-than-stellar round – we went with another couple to downtown Erie for dinner. It was cool because we ate at an old firehouse called “Pufferbelly’s” which was converted into a restaurant. Not a bad place – and downtown Erie seemed to be bustling with nightlife. I’m guessing it was because there was a big biker convention in town – the “Roar at the Shore” as it were.

But then came the highlight of my trip – and the part I enjoyed most. We were walking down State Street with another couple, trying to decide which bar we wanted to stop into for a nightcap. That’s when we walked past a place called “Twelve O One”. It was a wine and tapas restaurant that seemed very cutting edge after walking by some local taverns.

Once inside, we found out it had been open just five weeks. It’s menu featured a selection of wines and self-made cocktails – including a tasty mojito. I was stuffed from dinner, but I still decided to sample their blue crab cake — and it was YUM-MY! I highly recommend “Twelve O One” if you are swinging by Erie.

Oh, the other thing about the restaurant – when we all walked him, these six ladies at one of the table screamed my name. Turns out, they were Pittsburghers and wondering what I was doing in town. They were very nice – and they asked about Robin.

Finally, speaking of Robin, it was great to see her this morning. She looks good following her surgery to remove a lump in her breast and she seems very upbeat. We wish her well and I know she appreciates the well wishes from all of you — even if most of the letters start out with the words “I love seeing Kelly, Andrew .. and you in the mornings”.


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