Feeling Great and Feeling Guilty


It was cool having Robin back with us Monday morning. We are so happy she is doing well and her breast cancer surgery went well. She appears to be in bright spirits and hopefully she will continue to feel well if she must undergo any radiation.

It was just nice to be able to joke around as well as pass on our best wishes on behalf of you – the local viewers. I cannot tell you how many people have come up to me wondering how Robin was doing and praying for her speedy recovery. She appreciated it — and said as much – although she jokingly said ” every letter I get starts with I watch Andrew and Kelly …. “. Even Diane joined in our daily conversation and you can tell how much it means to have her partner back – “Thelma and Louise” as they like to refer to themselves.


Robin’s return is why I feel great. But I felt more than a little guilty last Friday. As you know, Sharon and myself went to Erie for the weekend. Unfortunately, we could not take Boobaloo – our bischon/poddle — with us. Usually when we travel, we leave Boo with our neighbors but we could not because they went with us to Erie. So, for one of the few times, we had to kennel “Boo”.

We did check the kennel and did get plenty of positive references, but that did not stop me from worrying when I dropped Boobaloo off. It’s very difficult to leave someone you love so much and not have that person, or dog in this case, understand that you will be back. “Boo” did not seem nervous or scared, but I still felt a pang of sadness when I dropped him off. He did get three walks a day and got to mingle with the other dogs – and we picked him up one day early.

“Boo” was his usual happy self when we did pick him up – jumping up and down and he has an incredible vertical leap. I guess the whole experience tells me one thing about myself: While Boobaloo is clearly a momma’s boy, I love him. I have grown attached to this little mutt over the seven years we have been together and not having him around has now become strange. Whether I have kids or not, I will always consider “Boo” my first child.

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