Making Vacation Plans

In my years as a sportscaster, I also became somewhat of a workaholic. Sometimes because of the lack of people available to cover sports and sometimes because of the time of year. I used to joke that once training camp started, summer was over and I told Sharon I would not see her until the Steelers were out of the playoffs ( so you can imagine what the Super Bowl season was like ).

Now that I work as a news anchor, there are more people in the building that do what I do, so I can actually work less ( very few weekends unlike my days in sports ) and I can actually use all my vacation time. In the past, I have left days on the table at the end of the year because I just had no time to take vacation.

Now, I am taking time off. I have every Friday off this month — and I’m taking more time off in the coming months. However, I now have a new problem: Planning a vacation. I hate to plan in advance and rarely ever did so when it came to vacations. Now, I have the time to take off and dread planning my getaways. Probably because I do not know where to go and what I am going to want to do in a month, two months or in six month.

Sharon and myself both have a week off – and we are trying to decide where to go on vacation. We did get away for the weekend to Erie ( see photo above ) but now we are trying to plan a bigger trip – and we’re sort of stumped for ideas. Today, I am asking you – my faithful blog readers – for ideas for a week-long vacation. Don’t let the cost of the trip limit your ideas. Just looking for some tips so we can plan our well-deserved vacation.

Look forward to hearing form you!

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