Sweet Home Chicago

Just got back from a wonderful weekend at home. I spent the last couple of days with my parents and visiting my brother — and both live in Chicago.

Chicago – the place of my birth but hardly my hometown. As they say, I was there long enough to enjoy “a cup of coffee” before moving at a very young age. Getting back to the Windy City – which I do from time to time – is always fun. I forget what a dynamic and interesting city it is.

It’s kind of a smaller New York or a larger Boston – depending on your viewpoint. It’s a city which never rolls up its downtown streets. There are people always out and about – 24/7 – of every age. While we love our Steelers, the passion Chicago has for it’s Cubs is unlike anything I have seen before. When they are winning, it seems everyone it town is wearing a Cubs cap.

While walking the Windy City streets on a Saturday, I saw two wedding parties having pictures taken – one inside the cavernous interior of Union Station and one outside the gates of Wrigley Field.

When I do go home and spend time in Chicago, it makes me wonder if Pittsburgh will ever become as vibrant and exciting. Sure, our city is heading in the right direction with all the development and recent construction, but downtown streets can be desolate on some days. Also, let’s be honest: This town will never care that much about baseball.

I do not regret the time I have spent here. Pittsburgh has been my home during my late 20’s and all of my 30’s. I guess I just wish the big downtown boom had happened when I was a little younger so I could have fully enjoyed it.

Of course, while I wax poetic about Chicago, there is always a Pittsburgh connection to any good story. Here’s mine: My brother and I were walking in Wrigleyville ( the residential neighborhood where Wrigley Field is located ), when we walked by some Cubs fans on the stoop of a house when I heard these words: “Andrew Stockey“. Turns out one of the guys in Cubs gear was from Pittsburgh’s south hills. We stopped and posed for a picture. I guess even in Chicago, you are never far from Pittsburgh.


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