Crime, Punishment …. and Party Schools?

I was watching ESPN, which yesterday stood for Entertainment and Speculation Programming Network. The network went on all afternoon, speculating what was next for Michael Vick after he plead guilty to dogfighting charges. Guessing as to whether he would return to the league and what team he would play for and whether he would play quarterback or not, etc.


Am I the only one offended that people are even talking about what happens once he gets “out” of prison? He has plead guilty to what – at best – is conspiracy to torture and kill dogs. In my book, that is murder. Yes, I did blog a few weeks ago that there are other crimes – like rape and spousal abuse – that don’t draw the outrage of this latest incident. Still, at that time, he was not guilty of anything. Now that he has essentially admitted to being involved in dogfighting – he has committed a heinous crime and should not only be jailed, but also banned from ever playing in the NFL again.

He will be a convicted criminal when he is released and this the chance for the NFL – and its new commissioner – to take a stand. Playing pro football for a living is a privileged, not a right. If this league – which runs commercials ad nauseum about how involved they are in the community – wants to make a real statement, they will tell Michael Vick to look elsewhere for employment. If not, then the league is talking out of both sides of its mouth and it will be one more reason for me to head to the golf course rather than the TV on NFL Sundays.

Shifting gears – the Princeton Review released it’s much-anticipated annual list of top party schools in the country. I guess the folks at WVU have reason to proud or ashamed – depending on your point of view. WVU was picked as the nation’s top party school – and Penn State was sixth. The Mountaineers championship-caliber football team didn’t finish that high.

I do not know how they quantify this sort of stuff, but having been down to WVU, I find the students there do like to have a good time – and they are genuinely nice people. I think the shame here is the fact that alcohol is still so closely related to the college experience. It seems the tow go hand-and-hand – and that is a shame. There should be more to the college experience – and the fact that beer plays such a large role in our view of what college life is like sells short what the experience could – and should be about.

That being said — how about my Alma mater! Ohio University finished 9th in the poll. Still, that’s an improvement from my college days in Athens – when Playboy made us the top-ranked party school my sophomore year. Then, the next year, we weren’t even on the list! But there was an explanation at the bottom of the page – and here it is:

“Ohio University was left of this year’s list intentionally. We refuse to rank the professionals with the amateurs“.


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