The Fat Virus .. and Fantasy Football

I’m no scientist, but I think this story is a little hard to believe. Researchers are saying that obesity may not have anything to do with eating habits or heredity. In fact, they are going so far as to say it may not be a person’s fault at all. Preliminary studies are suggesting that there may be a fat “virus” responsible for people becoming obese.

Well, you can imagine the frenzy when this story broke. It was the number one read story on many news websites as those who have struggled with obesity for years – as well as those let themselves go – were dreaming of the day they could go into a doctor’s office and with a shot be cured and beautifully thin.

I’m putting this one under the heading of “not taking personal responsibility”. I know there are many who suffer from obesity and there is little they can do, but for people who refuse to have a proper diet and exercise – and then believe this latest theory – are people who really believe that nothing is their fault.

I know for a fact when I eat too much, I gain wait. It’s not science, it’s common sense. It would be nice if this were true, but I’m not staying up nights waiting for the vaccine that will send me back to 190 pounds and six-pack abs after I’ve downed the plateful of chicken wings.

Hey, if you don’t have anything to do tonight at 5pm, I’ve got a story you might want to watch. Football season is almost here — and for 16 million Americans that means fantasy football is about to start. If you are not familiar with the game, essentially you draft real NFL players and use their actual statistics to compete in a “fantasy” league. The allure of this game is so strong, there are one million women that take part – and million spent on the competition as well as millions of dollars lost in office productivity.

In my story tonight, I will actually take you to one of these fantasy drafts – and this one hosted by the members of the WDVE morning show. Jim Krenn, Randy Baumann and Val Porter and the game — and as you might imagine – they have some funny things to say. So, if you get a chance, check out the story tonight at 5pm.

Sorry for the shameless plug.

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