A Weekend of Discovery

I’m beginning to enjoy these three-day weekends. I have some vacation time and – thanks to a suggestion from Kelly — I decided to take each Friday off this month. It’s made for some fun weekends and some surprisingly-delightful getaways.

This weekend, Sharon and I went to a black tie event for the Ladies Hospital Aid Society. We had not been to a black tie event in quite a while. It was somewhat strange tossing on the tux, but the best part of the night was after dinner. The dance floor was in use on the 17th floor of the Omni William Penn — and we danced the night away.

Sharon and I danced — and I hit the floor with both Sally Wiggin and Marcie Cipriani who were in attendance. We did everything from 70’s music to some of the songs that mdfe you groove in 80’s. I had forgotten how much fun it is to dance and the let music take control. When Sharon and I first met, we danced all the time – at places in the Strip like Rosebud, Metropol and Heaven downtown ( OK, I’m dating myself ). Now, if you want to dance – and you are over 35 – your options are limited unless you are into salsa.

Sunday, we took a 90 minute drive to Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County Maryland. We played Wisp golf resort. It’s so beautiful and so close to us. Just to see the lake will take your breath away. One thing I did not realize was how big channel 4 is down in Deep Creek Lake. We are their TV station – and from the moment I walked onto the resort to the time I left – I felt like I was in Pittsburgh. People were so nice and so welcoming. I would encourage you to do a weekend in Maryland ( plus the roads are much better ).

I wish I could blog more, but I have some work to do. We are getting ready to kick off our new look next week and we got some behind the scenes stuff to do. Thanks again to all of you who take the time to write. It makes me want to write every day and – as always – I will try and write back.


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