Same Show, New Home

This is a very exciting day here at WTAE. A day that we’ve been looking forward to for month. This evening at 5pm, we debut a brand new set – and a brand new vision for the way local news will be presented in Pittsburgh. But it’s more than window-dressing, it’s a step towards their future of television

“It doesn’t mean much now. It’s built for the future.” – The Fixx

The 80’s rock group – the Fixx – almost has it right. The set actually does mean quite a bit right now. While it was built with the future in mind ( we hope to be broadcasting our news in the not-too-distant future ), there will be a major difference you will be able to see on camera as soon as tonight. The colors we wear will “pop” and the subtle patterns that we have come out on camera in a way you have never seen before.

“You better make sure you brush and floss before going to the set.” – Kelly Frey in the Trib

The change of set – and the increased clarity of the picture – will mean as anchors, reporters and producers, we must be on our toes. Because we have so many monitor positions and different camera angles, “anchor” is probably not an accurate title anymore. You will see us moving around and “presenting” stories from different venues and vantage points. It also means Kelly and I may have to dump our traditional 6:30am crossword puzzle until we become more comfortable on the set.

When I meet people, they sometimes say, You look so much better in person.” – Melanie Taylor in the Trib
The lighting is also better and the anchors will look more “real”. Thus, Melanie won’t be hearing that familiar refrain from viewers. However, with the clearer pictures comes the flaws as well. You will see us – warts and all. However, I don’t think anyone here has any warts. It’s a good-looking as well as talented group of reporters and anchors. That does not include me. I have never been seen as a raving beauty. Perhaps now, more than ever, makeup will help me.

No matter how different we look or what camera angles we use, we still plan to deliver the news in the manner and style you have come to know and appreciate over the years. The look maybe different, but the show will be the same – only a little bit more fun to watch.

I invite you to tune in tonight at 5 .. and see the difference for yourself.


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