You Just Never Know …

… what to expect on live morning TV.

There are enough unexpected moments involving the actual production of the program. Then, there are those moments which make TV so much fun and make our job unlike any other. Moments like when I stumble through a couple of words on camera because I’m going 24 hours without sleep. Moments like today when Melanie Taylor – for some reason – could not Shadyside.

Then, there was our visit with “Good Morning America”. It’s always unscripted when Kelly and I speak with Robin. It’s like we are waking up and speaking as we come down to the breakfast table for the first time. Well, this morning after we exchanged pleasantries and Robin previewed the upcoming “GMA“, Kelly took the conversation in a whole different direction.

“Are you guys cooking anything this morning?”

Kelly was hungry. Well, Robin had nothing on the menu, but she did cook something up. The camera widened out to show Robin and Diane Sawyer – and Diane did not have her hair done yet. The resulting shot of Diane’s mussed-up hair had us rolling … and then Robin proceeded to show us the furry slippers she wears under the desk.

What do say after that? That’s the trick of live TV. You have to come up with something quick … and we had nothing. Just laughter after the impromptu moment.

Live morning TV. It keeps us on our toes and no doubt makes you morning routine a little more enjoyable.


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