I am So Tired

Kudos to Pam, a frequent reader of my blog. She sent me an e-mail wondering if I was sleep-deprived because my entry from yesterday seemed to be stream on consciousness, missing some key words in various sentences.

Pam – nice job of reading me. I am tired. I have been busy with work, I have a public appearance this evening and I begin a leadership development class this morning. Also, I did not get home until 10pm last night because I shot my weekly “Check It Out” segment. I am going on four hours of sleep right now and I halfway through my third cup of coffee – which is getting cold. I not whining. I’m just wishing for eight straight hours of sleep – and I won’t have a shot at that until around midnight tonight. Here’s hoping my second wind shows up soon.

While I drift in and out, I did have the following thoughts on these topics:

APPLE CUTTING THE PRICE OF THE IPHONE BY $200: I heard a lot of people who bought the phone when they first came out – and paid top dollar – are upset that the price has been cut just a couple of month after the debut. To all those iPhone users: What did I say back in July? Wait a few months and the price will come down. It always does. This is what happens when you have to be first on your block to get the newest gizmo. Quit complaining.

BODIES – THE EXHIBITION COMING TO THE CARNEGIE SCIENCE CENTER: I had a chance to see the cadavers being used in the display. Despite the controversy it has caused in some circles, I found the exhibit more enlightening that offensive. I even got to hold a preserved human heart and liver. I think it would be worth your time to go see this exhibit – and then weigh-in on the moral and ethical questions involved.

BILL COWHER SAYS THE STEELERS FINISH THIRD: I agree. Cowher knows this team better than most of the so-called “experts” out there. There is nothing that I have seen this pre-season that leads me to believe Pittsburgh is better than either Baltimore or Cincinnati. I’m saying Pittsburgh goes 10-6 and stays home for the post-season. But you will be able to make your own decision during the early portion of the year. The Steelers open the season with four teams that finished sub-500 last year. If they don’t win at least three of those games, forget the play-offs.

BATS IN DEMETRIUS’ BELFRY: If you saw the show this morning, you no doubt saw us teasing Demetrius about the bat that found its way into his house. Here’s the kicker. He actually got a call from a vet saying he should play it safe and get a shot just in case the bat was rabid. I think we’ll call him “Batman” from now on.

Have a great weekend! Sharon and I are going to see the Pirates host the Chicago Cubs on Sunday – weather permitting. If you are going – and you see us in the stands – please stop by and say “hi”! I’ll be the one in the Pirates cap and she will be sporting the Cubs chapeau ( I hate the Cubs ).


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