Taking a Much-Needed Break

If you tuned in this morning, you may have noticed I was not there. Seems I have some time off that I need to burn so I thought I would use a week’s worth. I’m taking some to rest ( sleep is more like it ) , relax ( play golf ) and just do some things for myself.

Of course, the biggest problem with taking any break from work is this — blogging. After doing this for more than a year, I know many of you have come to make it part of your morning routine – just like our newscast. For that, I thank you. I have also discovered, from conversing with other bloggers, that if you don’t continually update your blog ( i.e. daily ) you are going to lose your readers.

With that in mind, I thought I would continue my entries during my time off, sharing with you some thoughts from a different perspective -away from the cameras and in the real world. For instance, this weekend Sharon and I spent some real quality time together doing dinners out. We had dinner with some new friends we met on Friday and with some age-old friends on Saturday. We went to the Cubs-Pirates game on Sunday and I actually had my faith restored in the Buccos as they put on a hitting show against the division-leaders from Chicago.

I also plan to grow my “vacation” beard. I hate shaving and it’s during these breaks I can actually “let my hair down” and grow one of those thick and somewhat graying beards. I won’t be including any photos of that. I also plan to go through my closet and get rid of all sorts of stuff I do not wear. I plan to get back into a routine at the gym and I will definitely be getting some sleep this week!

Finally, I usually write back to all of you that send me e-mails. Unfortunately, because of our rather strange e-mail system at WTAE – and that fact that I haven’t got a blackberry – I won’t be responding to your letters until I get back next week. Thanks for your understanding in advance.


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