Six Years Later .. it’s all about politics

Thanks to those of you who checked in on Tuesday. Two things were apparent after my blog on 9/11 on Tuesday. One is that I had the day off and two is that after six years, what began as a moment that brought our county together has degenerated into a battle over partisan philosophy.

In this new day and age, everything can be broken down into partisan politics. There is no longer black and white when it comes to the view, it is clearly left and right on the political scale. Such is the case with 9/11. I spent the evening discussing the tragic events of 9/11 with a good friend of mine ( who still remains a good friend of mine ) and she turned 9/11 into another chance to rip on President Bush.

While I have no political stances – and whatever leanings I have I will not share here – I am not about to turn this tragic day into a blame game. It’s not Bush’s fault nor Bill Clinton’s fault. 9/11 was a combination of US policies that date back to the days of Harry Truman and “Marshal Doctrine” which over time led to certain portions of the world feeling an animosity – justified or otherwise – for this country. For anyone – especially a friend of mine – to turn this tragic day into another reason to hate the Bush administration is wrong. Don’t worry – W has plenty of blame in what took place that day and the succeeding six years. But no President is by himself in the blame game.

I just feel angry,upset and more than a little offended that 9/11 has become a political tool, much like immigration for advancing beliefs and making points on the campaign trail. I apologize for getting so serious in this entry, but I cannot stand how politics have turned from a legitimate national discourse to a pathetic tool for advancing individual goals.

Let me make it clear. The lives of 3,000 people should not be used to advance the political agenda of one – President or otherwise. If we look at that tragic day as just another means to a political end, then those who executed this dastardly deed are no worse than we here in this country who used mass slaughter to advance our own agendas.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s blog is more positive.

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