Everyday Heroes

One thing I’m doing during my time off is devoting my time to some charitable functions. Some involved playing golf and serving as emcee. Others include speaking to a large group of persons. Sometimes the benefits involved children while others pertain to adults afflicted with verious illnesses.

While I often as designated as the “celebrity” for such events, I feel uncomfortable with the title. For one, I don’t like being called “celebrity” because what I do on a daily basis is hardly worth celebrating. Second, I think when it comes to these types of charitable events, the real stars are those who work behind the scenes. Those who put their hearts and souls into these events – raising funds, getting donations, organizing the event – so that others might enjoy themselves while raising money for a good cause.

Here are three of those everyday heroes. The Ingolds. Meet Jill, Mark and Margaret. They were the momentum behind the inaugural Jack Ingold Memorial Golf Outing at Nevillewood. 75 gofers took part and raised money for the St. Patrick School and Parish located in Canonsburg. I was very fortunate to serve as the emcee.

You do not know Jack Ingold – and there is no reason you should. But his memory and presence was very strong in the life of his son, Mark. So strong that when he left us far too early, his son wanted his memory to live on. So – with the help of his lovely wife and his mom – he created this golf tournament to benefit a nearby school. It was not the school Jack Ingold attended, but Mark wanted to do something positive to honor the memory of his father. Something special. Something that would benefit others.

For that selfless act, Mark and his family are heroes. They are everyday heroes. There are hundreds like them doing good deeds not for self-aggrandizement, but to benefit others. They are out there. You see them as your neighbors, your friends or just complete strangers. In my mind, these are the people worthy of being labeled “celebrities”. By definition, they have done something worth celebrating.


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