I’m Back!

Hi everybody!

I’m back from a great week of vacation, but as you know I did not take any time off from blogging. I tried – as best I could – to share my thoughts from my home computer, but I must say it’s a lot easier blogging from my office because I’m wide awake and have been for the past few hours thus allowing me to gather my thoughts and attempt to be coherent.

As for my vacation, I was here in town and just decided to burn a week. However, my vacation was not without some surprises and things I had never seen before. Things like going to a Steeler tailgate party and watching someone use a gas-powered blender. Things like playing in a charity golf outing and watching a member of our foursome not only hit a golf cart, but have the ball ricochet off the steering wheel and put a hole through the top of the cart.

I played the role of spouse at Sharon’s office party on Friday as well as played my best and worst rounds of golf in the same week. I grew a beard and saw so much gray that I vow never to do that again. I met Steely McBeam, Just one of many folks I met during my days off. I met so many people that I don’t know if I can handle meeting any more folks. I’m just kidding. I guess I feel bad that I meet so folks in such a short period of time that it’s getting harder to remember every one’s name.

While I spent the week away from the morning show, I did get to see Demetrius, Kelly and Melanie. We all signed autographs as a group at the USX “Party of the Patio” benefiting the United Way. See the Polaroid photo of our foursome below.

While it was nice meeting so many viewers, there was a line that was said by Kelly which stuck with me. When I first showed up, it was great to see all their smiles and that genuine feeling that they missed me and were happy to see me again. I felt the same way. Then Kelly said to me “We are family”. While the Pirates used that same slogan in 1979, it holds true for us today. The Morning Crew ( which includes Marcie and our producer Nick ) are like a family. We cheer for each other, cry for each other, work hard for one another and care about one another.

I missed them — and I missed you as well. While I don’t know everyone that reads this blog, I have corresponded with enough of you over the past year to realize that you are my family as well. You have read my most personal thoughts and, in turn, shared with me your most intimate moments. For that, I am grateful and that’s why I blog as much as I can while I’m away.

By the way, I will have some more time off over the next month and will blog when I can. But thanks for reading and thanks for watching. Just like the crew here at Channel 4, my days are not the same without you.

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