Visit from the Big Leagues

Today, I got a sense of what many of you must feel like when you meet someone from the local news in person for the first time. People are so kind – and sometimes overwhelmed – when they meet me. Not to say that I think I’m some sort of big deal, but when you people meet someone they see everyday on TV it can be a little wild.

This morning, we were greeted by a visit from “Good Morning America’s” weekend team of Bill Weir and Kate Snow. I usually watch the show as part of my weekend morning routine and, while I do work in television and do exactly what they do, there’s is still a bit of a “wow” factor for me when I meet the faces from TV’s big leagues.

My first thoughts? Kate was a taller than I though and Bill was very cool. They seem like real people, being laid back and easy going just like us. Kate’s family even lives in State College. Plus, they both really look good. It’s when I see network anchors like Bill and Kate that I wonder what I’m doing in this business. I’m no glamour boy – even the the glamorous Kelly Frey along side.

They are here in town to showcase of one Pittsburgh’s premier establishments – Primanti’s. I get the sense that they really did enjoy the experience and the sandwich which I always call “heart attack on a plate”. They will be featuring the sandwich – and Pittsburgh – on GMA this weekend.

I spent a few minutes off-camera talking with Bill Weir. Believe it or not, he and I share something in common. He was a sports anchor in Chicago and L.A. before moving to news and GMA. His thought on adjusting to the move – and shifting his passion from one area of expertise to another – were insightful.

I think Bill and Kate made for a rather fun ad giddy morning. It was already a bit off the wall with Don Schwenneker in the house filling in for Demetrius. I have met another network anchors before and while I have been a little in awe, it also makes me realize that I’m not far away from perhaps being a “big time anchor”. Conversing with them let’s me know that I have the communication skills and, perhaps, the personality skills to pull this off on a larger stage.

Then again, I’m in no hurry to leave Pittsburgh. This is my home and you are my “peeps”. It’s where I’m most comfortable and I still have a lot to learn before I take the next step in my career – whatever that may be.

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