OK, Let’s Talk About OJ

Before I started blogging about the above topic, let me try and clear the air concerning my blog from Wednesday. I knew when I wrote it, it might be interpreted in a bad way. So let me make it clear to everyone: I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE PITTSBURGH. While I have dreams, desires and goals – as we all do – I am quite happy here doing what I am doing. Someday, I hope to move on to a bigger challenge, but that’s someday in the future. Right now, this is the place for me.

Now onto a less controversial subject: OJ. Just kidding. I hoped I could avoid the OJ mess, but my fellow media comrades on the national scene and the cable networks have made it impossible. Yesterday, I saw TV choppers following OJ’s car from a Las Vegas court to his hotel room .. and while everybody tried to make it out to be the modern-version of the 1994 Ford Bronco chase, it was clearly not the same in terms of impact.

I’m watching the morning news programs now – and everybody is going OJ-overload. Lawyers speculating – and that’s what they are doing – speculating on what is next for “the Juice” in this case. Then you have reporters detailing every single nugget on OJ’s life and bringing back the memories of the first OJ trial – trying to make connections between cases that happened 13 years apart.

I really don’t want to talk about OJ, but after all this insanity, I feel compelled to comment – a comment that can be summed up in two words: WHO CARES? I do not understand the nation’s fascination with this man. I do not understand why we care if he lives or dies, whether he is free or in jail and if he is guilty or innocent. He doesn’t live in my city, he has no affect on my taxes and his moves do not affect the stock market. All I know is this: media fascination with OJ has turned the murder of two people into the first line of a running joke that has lasted 13 years .. and the circus appears to be back in town.

The only thing that I think of when I think of OJ was the immediate national discussion following his acquittal on those double-murder charges. It turned what had been a soap-opera of a trial in a serious unveiling of the bitter racial feelings that exist in this country. It was scary to see how that case went along racial lines .. and how far apart are two Americans were .. and still are.
Other than that, I could care less about OJ. I like to think the smart people out there feel the same way. I guess the only way were ever going to be rid of the OJ mess is to see him sent to prison for this crime. Of course, that would involve a trial … and I know I’m not ready for the trial of the century. I had to go through that with OJ during the last century.
Photo Courtesy: Associated Press

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