Our Family Just Got Bigger

I’m back .. and I missed everyone so much! For those of you who are still hanging in there and reading my blog, thanks so much! I’ll be blogging all this week — and I will let you know my blog schedule when I go away next week on my BIG vacation. The vacation that was chosen from your suggestions. My secret destination is coming your way later this week.

I was planning to tell you about my trip to Fort Myers last week today, but my job has intervened once again. There is a running joke in this newsroom that everytime I leave town, something happens and something is different when I return. Guess what? It happened again. We have added three new faces to our morning show family.

I walk into the news room this morning – and we have an additional reporter. Joining Marcie on the streets is Ari Hait. Ari does some great work on the 11pm show and now he will be joining us in the mornings. He’s a Jets fan and a big sports fan in general and I think you will find his pieces interesting and refreshing. He will be teamed on the streets with our chief photographer Ralph Bell.

Then, Ashley DiParlo walks in just before 4am – with breakfast for the newsroom! Talk about making a great impression on the first day. She’s also joining our morning show – and will be live with her trademark “Plugged In” reports as well as the latest buzz from Hollywood.

With Demetrius, Melanie, Marcie and Scott Stiller already here – as well a producer Nick Matoney – we have a cast of hundreds bringing you the morning news. Oh yeah, there’s Kelly and myself. We will try not to get in the way of all these reporters as they help to wake you up in the morning. At the same time, we’ll still be the silly, stupid, over-caffinated pair that we have been since the start.

As for any more changes, you will just have to wait like me to see what’s planned. I know whatever comes our way, it’s meant to make the show more informative as well as more enjoyable for you. Talk to you tomorrow … and it’s good to be back!

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