What Was I Thinking?

Before I start blogging, I have to show you this. We often get items into our newsroom for organiztions and groups trying to promote thier various activities and events. Marcie Cipriani is holding up the latest one … from the gas company.

I think I’ll bring one home to Sharon. Of course, I’ll explain it’s significance before she gets it. Now onto today’s entry into the blogosphere.

I’m not much for watching Oprah. Never have been, but each morning we do promote what Oprah will be talking about at 4pm on Channel 4. Today’s promo got me to thinking,. The title: Why did you get married? Oprah is asking various couples to share their initial reasoning for tying the knot.

That’s not easy if you have been married 35 years, but it’s hardly a walk in the park for me though I have been married seven years. What was my mindset back in 2000? I can’t even tell you what I had for dinner last night. Still, I thought I would try and maybe by understanding the past, I would get a better sense of my marriage today and in the year to come.

As I think I have mentioned before, Sharon and I met on a blind semi-date at a strip district nightclub – Millennium – back in 2000. At that time, I had had many relationship that has failed and while I was commitment shy, I was also hungering to make that commitment to someone and pour my whole heat and soul into it. Not bad for someone who never thought he would get married.

In Sharon, I saw all the things I was not: thoughtful, generous, forward-thinking and frugal. She was also pretty cute and in great shape, something that appealed to me visually. I also remember we hit it off in our initial conversation, discussing everything from sushi to skiing. I felt – for the first time – that having something to talk about was as attractive as having a shared physical attraction.

So what put me over the top – and made me decide to finally “take the plunge”. It’s kind of weird but the moment I knew we would get married happened after Sharon went house-hunting, looking to move out of her condo and rehab an old house on the backside of Mount Washington. I took one look at the house and was mortified by the condition it was in. Later that afternoon, we had lunch at the Gandy Dance at Station Square and – I think it was at that moment we started discussing the plan for “our lives together”: When “we” would live, what kind of house “we” wanted, etc. Without saying the “m” word, we pretty much decided we would be husband and wife someday.

There was to be a more formal proposal later, but I do remember at that time that marriage was what I wanted. Not because I felt “the time was right”, but rather because ” the person was right”. I know it hardly makes for a great tale on Oprah, but it’s what happened .. and looking back now, it was the right decision. The right decision then … and continues to be the right decision today.

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