And the winner is ….

You might remember a few months ago, I asked for you help. Sharon and I wanted to go on a “big” vacation. The plan was to go someplace new and different. I asked for your suggestions – and boy, did you respond. I got suggestions to go to resorts everywhere, from Idaho .. to Italy, from Orlando to the Outer Banks. I have to admit, I was overwhelmed by the 50 or so e-mails I received and I thank you for all of them.

In the end, Sharon and I decided to do something tropical, something exotic — and do it somewhere in the states. So after much careful consideration, we have decided to head for HAWAII this weekend!

We have never been there before – and we haven’t made any grand plans beyond staying at a resort in Honolulu and playing a couple of rounds of golf in Oahu. My plan is to rest and relax on the beaches as much as possible and, if I do get bored, then visit some of the tourist spots. I’m planning on packing plenty of reading materials – and may even try to get a laptop – so I can do some work while sitting on the beach.

Yes, I’m excited because this is one of those things I can cross of my master list of “things to do before I die”. The only bad part here? I have to spend 10-plus hours in a plane. I don’t like long trips and, if you read my blog earlier this week, you know my feelings on turbulence.

During my Hawaiian excursion, I have decided not to blog. I just need to take a break and relax and lose myself in another world for a few days. I hope you will all understand, but when I return in a week or so I will have pictures and stories from Hawaii. I even got my first digital camera so I can share my vacation with you.

I’ll miss you all while I’m away, but I’ll be back. Aloha!

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