Dog Day Saturday

I always felt that the greatest thing we can do as people – TV broadcasters or otherwise – is give back to the causes we care about. Whether we donate our time or our dollars, everything we do can make a difference. With that in mind, Sharon and I decided to spend this pas Saturday helping to “make a difference”.

The day began at 8am in Houston, Washington County where Val Porter from the WDVE Morning Show had put together a pancake breakfast and auction benefiting the Washington County Animal Shelter. Val asked myself and Sally Wigging to come and shake hands and greet people. What amazed me is how many folks showed up — well over 300! The line went out the door and they had to head back to the store for more pancake mix. In the end, $9900 was raised and two dogs found homes.

Around noontime, Sharon and I headed to Churchill for the Animal Rescue League Fashion Show. Here is Sharon and I posing with our new friend, Sami.

This event was different for me. Sharon was modeling and Sally served as emcee for the audience of some 200 women. I was happy to be a face in the crowd and play the role of “Mr. Sharon Stockey” for a change. Although, I had an embarrassing moment. Lunch was served and started with a small bowl of pasta – and then a salad with chicken. I was waiting for the main course when I was told by Sally that this was a “ladies lunch” .. and that was all that was being served. Always wonderful how women stayed so fit and trim .. and now I know why.

The fashion show was a financial success — and one of the dogs was adopted. As for Sharon, she bought the shoes she wore in the show as well as some jewelry.

We weren’t done running. We got home at 3pm and left at 4pm, bound for Sewickley. Sharon and I served as honorary co-chairs for the Sewickley Country Club Crawl benefiting the Heritage Valley Hospitals and their new C-section unit. It was a 50’s theme .. and that’s why we did the goofy pose with the sunglasses.

Photo courtesy: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The crawl took 160 guests – by trolley — to the Sewickley Heights Country Club for drinks and appetizers, then to the Allegheny Country Club for dinner and then the Edgeworth Country Club for dessert. It was a fun evening and a chance to make many new friends. I did not feel we did a whole lot as honorary co-chairs, but the folks at Heritage were happy to have our involvement at one of their fund-raisers for the second time in three years.

We spent both money and time giving back Saturday .. and we were exhausted .. but we were also filled with the good feeling that – in some small way – our participation made a small part of our world a bit better than it was before.


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