Halloween Hilights

Happy Halloween!

I remember as a kid this was one of my favorite holidays – and not because of the candy. It was nice coming home with a stash of sweets that would last for a month, but the best part was dressing up. Back then ( and I’m talking about the 1970’s ) more kids were making costumes than were buying them. It was more of a creative deal on our part.

I thought I would share some Halloween photos with you.My favorite Halloween was 1975. That’s when me and my younger brother, Brian, decided to team up to go trick or treating. We made costumes depicting us as the “Dynamic Duo”!

Of course, being the oldest, I had to be Batman. Brian was Robin, the Boy Wonder, but as you can see he had some trouble finding the eye holes on his mask. While I went through many Halloweens after that, none was quite as special as the one I shared with my little brother – who now stands six foot five.

Of course, I did not need to wait for Halloween to dress up. One day, my dad came home from work and I took his hat, gloves and scarf on a cold winter night and pretended to be my hero – my dad. Here’s the snapshot my dad took back in 1972.

Now, as I get older, Halloween is not the same. While I enjoy handing out candy to the kids, I miss dressing up and imaging I’m someone else. Even adult costume parties don’t give you that feeling you had as a kid when you would dress up and then go out – by yourself or with a group of friends – and go trick or treating. Best of all, we would do it on the actual Halloween night – and not three days earlier in some scheduled community activity. Please pass this on to the little ghouls and goblins in your world: Have a happy – and safe – Halloween!


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