Welcome to the Blogosphere

Just wanted to take a few moments before the weekend arrives to welcome Traffic Watch 4’s Melanie Taylor to the world of blogging. She’s joining WTAE’s blogging team which includes myself, Michelle Wright, Sally Wiggin, Ashley DiParlo .. as well as the Action Sports Team.

Melanie is one of my favorite people .. and not just here at Channel 4. She has always been a good friend and one of the friendliest people I know. She will bring the perspective of a working mom to her blogs as well as a family-oriented person. Having been to parties at her house, I have seen Melanie’s parents and extended family are always there.

She grew up in Monessen .. and has never forgotten her roots. Whether it’s a high school football game or a charitable event, Melanie is always making time for her hometown. Now, she is the small town girl who has made it big time, but continues to maintain her “aw shucks” personality.

Whether she’s talking about her daughter, her day at work .. or making her high school football predictions, Melanie is sure to be both entertaining and enlightening. I hope those of you who take time to check out my blog every day will do the same for Melanie. She may not blog every day, but each day she does it will be worth you time.

Welcome Mel!

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