A Brew with the Bloggers

Sorry I was off the last couple of days. Blog break .. but I’m back.

You know, when I write my daily entry, I know I’m not the only person who does it but I wonder what kind of people blog and why do they do it. Thursday night, I walked into a world of people just like me. People who blog.

Pittsburgh Bloggers is a local group which has made an effort to bring people like us – bloggers – together. Last night, they held their bi-monthly blogfest at Finnegan’s Wake on the North Shore. I thought not only would it be a chance to get to know those who have turned this medium into an art form, but it would make a great story, too.

When you walk in, it seems more like a get together of recent college grads than a bloggers convention. Most of the bloggers are young and there is no outward signs indicating that they speak to the public through the power of the Internet. In fact, most of the people I spoke with say they know their fellow bloggers by their blog address more so than their real name. Then, there are others who purposely hide their identity.

So why do these folks do it? Why do they blog – for no money mind you – daily? Some want to share their political thoughts and leanings, others want to share their lives and their experiences and then there are some who find it as an outlet for their creative juices. What I learned in the hour I spent with these 20-30 folks is that blogging is an inexact science – but one that is growing in popularity and influence. I also learned that there are no rules for blogging, no
safeguards and no secrets for success.

Finally, I was motivated to continue blogging. Thanks to your responses and as well as hearing their stories, I feel a responsibility to keep sharing my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes what you have to say isn’t always interesting or relevant, but if your words get even one person to think differently then you have blogged successfully.

Thanks to Cythia Closkey who invited us into Blogfest .. and thanks to all those bloggers who were so friendly and cordial. While I had never met these folks, I felt like I had an instant connection .. and I’m looking forward to going back to a meeting and actually enjoying a beer.

Look for my story on the faces behind the blogosphere on Channel 4 Action News starting at 5 .. and later on our website, thepittsburghchannel.com


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