Here We Go Steelers

One of the perks of working mornings as opposed to my days as a sportscaster is that I get the chance to actually live the life of a Steeler fan .. and that means going to Steeler parties. I attended my first on Sunday, courtesy of Jen Miele and her husband, Jason.

That’s Jen and her dad along with her intern, Laura Gerhart. Jen is all about family, friends and neighbors and her Sunday Steeler bash was a perfect example. Jen cooked plenty of food -as well as provided some of our favorite beverages – as we watched the Steelers battle the Browns in the latest installment of the turnpike rivalry.

Recognize the ladies on the right? That’s Janelle Hall and Marcie Cipriani. And those guys on the left? They are the husbands. Casey is on the far left, and that is Janelle’s guy. Second from the left is Chris – and that’s Marcie’s soulmate … or so I am told.

There’s Jason on the left, Jen’s hubby, and some of their friends. There had to be about 30 or more people gathered around watching the closing minutes of a thrilling contest – Steelers won by three as Cleveland missed a game-tying field goal at the end.

So where was I during this madness? Actually, I left late third quarter and headed down to Heinz Field where some of my friends were watching the closing minutes at McFadden’s. That was two parties in one day for me. I can get used to this, although if I eat one more thing I think I’m going to explode.


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