Let’s Eat

Friday night – and once again, I’m trying to get through the final few hours of my work day. It’s always hard on a day like this because I worked late last night and I’m plodding away on about four hours sleep. The good news? When this day is done, I can head home for a quick nap and Friday night fun.

More and more, that night on the town starts at a restaurant. Pittsburgh’s culinary reputation on the world stage has been pretty much limited to perogies and Primanti’s — but no longer. During my Thursday night “Check It Out” segments, I have had the chance to sample the ever-growing culture of culinary delights around town. Now, you can enjoy French and Thai dishes as well as meat and potatoes.

Each week, it seems, a new establishment is opening offering a new twist for your taste buds. “Manny’s” in the cultural district offers the first wine and cheese bar, “Passport Cafe” in Wexford brings French, Italian and Spanish dishes to town and “Bacchus” brings Forest Hills it’s first wine bar and dine-in dessert. Bigelow Grille has a creative 20-course tapas delight called “Alchemy” and “Seviche” let’s us enjoy Latin fare during the dark, cold days of winter.

These are just some of the new stops in town, while many of the old stand-by’s are taking thier games up a notch in order to stay competitive in the dog-eat-dog world of dining. My advice to you – if you can – go out and sample some of the dining delights in our town. If you are headed downtown for Light Up Night, you will not only find something to tempt your taste buds but also something within your price range. That’s the cool thing about competition: it keeps the costs down.

What will I be chomping down on tonight? After Kelly’s comments this morning, I’m think pizza — or perhaps sushi — or maybe just a big, juicy burger … or maybe … I don’t know, but whatever I want I know I won’t have to travel the world to find it. It’s right here in my town.

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