Giving Thanks

It’s a custom in the news biz to ask people what they are thankful for the day before Thanksgiving. For years, I have also compiled my list of things that I am thankful for – and with a few changes here and there – they have stayed pretty much the same.

I am thankful for family, friends and good health. I am grateful for employment and resources to enjoy my life. I am happy that – in some small way – my life allows me to give back to my community with both time and dollars.

However, there is something new that I am grateful for .. and a few years ago would never have considered a key part of my life .. and that is you. You – the people who both read my blog and send me responses. For years, I never knew what my audience was like and what they were thinking on any given day. Now I do.

Instantly, I can tell if you like something you see on Channel 4 and if something doesn’t please you. I can get your feelings on the topics we cover as well as the ones we don’t. Through my blog, I am able to share my life with you and you are able to share your adventures with me.

Most of all, I have gotten closer to the people who watch our station — making it truly a two-way relationship. Some of those people I have actually come to know by name through their responses to my blog. I do not know their faces, but I feel as close to them as some people I see face-to-face on a daily basis.

While I do not want to slight anyone, I do want to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to those who respond to my blogs on a regular basis. Some of you make it part of your morning route before starting the work day while some of you read at home after getting the family out the door. To all of you, thank you for giving me another reason to give “Thanks” on this holiday.

Finally, thanks to the folks here at WTAE and From web editor Chris Twomey’s invitation to start blogging to news director Bob Longo’s on-going support of this venture, thanks for giving me another outlet to get to know our viewers.

And to all of you, have a “Happy Thanksgiving”.

P.S. – You might have noticed that we went pink this morning. Here’s the inside scoop. Demetrius, Melanie and I decided to wear pink — just for fun. Knowing Kelly, we figured we wouldn’t tell her but somehow she would wear pink anyway. Well, you see the result. Kelly was kind of freaked out by all this. I guess we all just know each other very well. Maybe too well ..

Andrew will take a holiday break from blogging but will be on the air Thursday and Friday. He will return with more blogging fun on Monday morning. Until then, have a great holiday weekend.

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