Some Things Just Have to Be Said

I have been pretty happy-go-lucky in my recent posts. I was about to do so again when my Mandy, my friend and blog reader, reminded me that sometimes my blog needs to be about more than baby names and birthday greetings. With that in mind, some stories that bear further comment:

Local Man Charged with Assaulting and Killing 10-month-old
If you are a regular viewer of Channel 4 Action News, then there is no need for me to go into the details of this heinous crime. Suffice it to say, when I received the initial news of this during a morning broadcast last week, it was unsettling to say the least. It was the worse nightmare for any adult – whether you have a child or not.

Let me say this. My job is not to sit as judge and jury, but if this man is guilty of this horrific crime, there is no punishment strong enough for him. This is a crime that goes beyond description and beyond reason. Why would one human being even consider doing that – especially to one so young and so innocent. This world – for the most part – is filled with good people but tales like this make you question just where humanity is headed.

Charlie Batch gets state grant to build on old Homestead Bakery Site
While we all celebrate the on-field exploits of the Steelers, there is one member of the black and gold who deserves much more adulation – for something he accomplished without taking the field. Since returning to Pittsburgh from his days in Detroit, Charlie Batch has been giving both his time and his dollars to revitalize his dying hometown – Homestead.

Now, the Steelers back-up quarterback is about to play a starting role in bringing new life to dormant community. Batch received $480K in state money to begin construction of a residential and commercial development inside the old Homestead Bakery. It will create jobs, housing and new life for an area which has been down for years. As for as I’m concerned, that effort should garner Batch the team MVP award.

“Why Give Thanks When You Can Shop?”
Those are not my words. That’s from USA Today website. Their cover story is about how post-Thanksgiving day shopping is now taking place on Thanksgiving! Whether is stores with expanded hours or on-line, Americans are shopping even before they sit down to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner.

Now I’m not one to bash someone looking to save money in these difficult economic times. Who isn’t? But let’s get a grip people. If I’m not mistaken, don’t you actually save more money later in the holiday season because retailers are trying to reach sales goals and will do anything for a deal.

Let’s allow Thanksgiving to be a day to give thanks .. and not a day to shop for bargains. I really think this holiday shopping thing has gotten out of hand. Are we really that determined to be generous and save money at the same time – or are we just conditioned to spend this time of year because we are supposed to.

There. Just had to get a few things off my chest. Thanks for reading.


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