Done Shopping Yet?

I hope everyone had a great holidays weekend. Hopefully your dinners went off without a hitch and you were able to work off all those extra calories by shopping. Yes — shopping!

What began as a attempt by retailers to get us to spend more money earlier has become a full-blown national holiday. Think about it. We are actually programmed to spend more money than we have on things we really don’t need and be used to accumulating more debt than we can handle. Sure, there are “sales” and “deals”, but how many of you actually wound up spending more than you planned?

Of course, the more we spend the better for the economy and that benefits all of us, but I cannot handle this “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” stuff. While Sharon did not go shopping this weekend, I actually attempted to go to the mall to buy something for the holidays on Sunday. Big mistake. I want a new cell phone – the Verizon Voyager ( see the photo below ) – which is also known as the “iPhone killer” because it has everything the iPhone has at 2/3 of the price. So I went to the mall and went to buy one – and they were sold out and weren’t going to have any in until the 15th.

That was enough for me. Between the lines, the parking lot mess and the lack of stock, I’m not going to the mall. Then again, I’m not much for on-line shopping because I like to actually hold the object in my hands before I buy it. I know I’m strange but I have my hang-ups.

I’m trying not a be a “Scrooge” here, but holiday shopping has become more hassle than it’s worth in my eyes – and there is probably no chance things are going to let up as we approach the end of the year. Therefore, I’ve decided ( and feel free to share this with anyone getting a gift from me this year ) I’m going to buy gift cards and be done with it.

Still – for you brave souls willing to go into the shopping wilderness, have fun and shop until you drop.

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