Check It Out: Lawrenceville

Before I blog about a cool way to spend your weekend, let me say this: Thank You! We just got the ratings for the month of November ( sweeps month ) and once again, our morning show won. We not only won the 5am and 6am hours, we had bigger audiences than we had a year ago. While the whole morning show crew is proud of its’ efforts, we know it would be impossible with you tuning in every morning.

While we love our jobs and like being part of your mornings, we alos want to be number one. We love the competition and we want to be able to keep saying we are “Pittsburgh’s #1 morning newscast”. There is a little more animated celebration on Melanie Taylor’s blog right now.

photo courtesy: Lawrenceville Corporation

Back to main topic of today’s blog. There’s a wonderful event going on this weekend that is guarnteed to raise some eyebrows and open some eyes. Lawrenceville’s renaissance is showcased in this weekend’s “Joy of Cookies” tour. The premise is simple: Over 30 businesses,s hops, bars and restaurants in Lawrenceville are opening their doors .. and to get you to walk through them, they are offering cookies made by various chefs around town.
The cookies are just the vehicle. The real attraction is the new Lawrenceville. The boutiques, the shops, the mix of eclectic business and the booming number of restaurants. Lawrenceville is undergoing a major change that has it poised to be the next “hot” neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

Don’t take my word for it. Kate Trimble is the executive director of Lawrenceville Corporation. The organization promotes the positives of the community – and she says right now there are more positives than she can describe. There is new, hip housing being built that starts in the $300K range as well as enough parking to handle the flow of folks along Butler street. Best of all, Butler street is becoming a one-stop shop for various forms of shopping .. and you can walk your way to the myriad of stores.

No wonder the New York Times singled out the neighborhood. Looking for a place to play this weekend? Take a look at Lawrenceville.

One last thing: How about this week is the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video? Am I the only one who feels old? I remember how I sat in front on my TV, like millions of Americans, to watch the debut. Now, 25 years have passed .. and the only thing that hasn’t changed is how strange and goofy Michael Jackson.

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