Speed Blogging the Weekend

Happy Monday! I have to be out of here after the 7:30am newscast, so I’m going to try something new. I call it “speed blogging”. I’m going to blog about this past weekend as quickly as I can .. which means I won’t have time for any pics. I don’t know if this will catch on, but here goes:

Saturday, 11:00am – Wilkinsburg Holiday Parade. I was asked to be the emcee as well as ride in the front car ( a red Mercedes ) as Wilkinsburg celebrates its on-going revitalization. WTAE is located in Wilkinsburg and it presented us an opportunity to be part of the community. I want to thank not only the mayor, but also the residents of Wilkinsburg who came out to capture the holiday spirit!

Saturday, 6:30pm – “Unwrapped”! The event benefited the Union Project – an organization which rehabbed a church in Highland Park and turned it into a coffee house and community center. I was asked to emcee the night filled with live performances by Pittsburgh’s Creative and Performing Arts High School ….

Sunday, 9am – Awoke to the news that Pitt had upset WVU – and the realization that my be4st friend had spent more than $2000 on flights and hotels for the national championship in New Orleans – and his Mountaineers are headed to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl.

Sunday, 12pm – Athletes Taking Action Fashion Show, Valley Brook Country Club. A group started by some caring parents and 12 kids — now has become a mentoring program for 300 student-athletes at Upper St Clair high school. It’s all designed to give these kids the tools to make the right decisions in their lives. I was asked to emcee the fashion show.

Sunday, 4pm – Shopping with Sharon. We have a black tie event next weekend – and Sharon decided she needed a dress. For the first time in ages, I spent a few hours with her as she shopped for just the right dress. Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the experience of watching her try on outfits. Then, I had the pleasure of actually paying for the outfit.

Sunday, 7pm – I was pooped and just went to bed. I figured the Steelers would be OK without me. They were, winning 24-10.

That’s it. Now I have to go .. to jury duty. That’s right, jury duty. I’ll blog about that tomorrow.


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