Three Questions for the Morning Guy

Now I know what Tom Brady must feel like. Not that I have a Super Bowl ring at home nor am I dating a super model and I left the New England area for good 16 years ago.

No I understand what Brady must feel like in the New England locker room when the media comes by each day and asks Tom the same question. Why it may be asked in different ways, he was still asked essentially the same question: Do you think the Patriots can go undefeated?

There are no stupid questions, but there are questions that can become annoying and just like Tom Brady, I get them on a daily basis. The good news is people care enough to ask. The bad news is that I’m so tired of answering the same question, I thought I would post the answers here on my blog and refer people to the site … so here are the top three annoying questions for the morning guy:

1. What time do you get up?

No matter how many times I get the question, I can always predict the reaction from the person asking when I tell them. It’s a mixture of pain and sympathy and a facial expression like they have been shot in the gut. You will do and feel the same when I give you the answer: 2am.

2. Must be nice going home at 7am every day
OK, folks … let’s get one thing straight. While I do anchor the morning news from 5-7am, my day does not end when I say goodbye to everyone before Good Morning America. I do local cut-ins during “GMA” and then, both Kelly and I go out and shoot stories to run during our later newscasts. While I maybe an “anchor”, it’s the reporting portion of my job which I take the most pride in.

3. Do you miss “sports”?

This is probably the question that got me started on this entire blog. I know this region is resistant to change and I may always be seen as “sports guy”. Maybe it’s a complement that after being ranked as the second-worst TV sports reporter in Pittsburgh according to a Post-Gazette reader’s poll in 1996, this many people liked me as a sports anchor when I moved to news last summer.

Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t say “we miss you on sports” or “you always seemed like a sports guy”. After much thought, I know realize that while I will always be a fan I do not miss being a “sports guy”. I love what I do now and after years of covering sports, I have discovered a whole new world where winners and losers are not so easily defined. A world where a story doesn’t take place in a 3-hour block in a single location. A world where “life or death” really does mean life or death.

Sorry for venting .. and actually I’m not upset. I just wanted to answer some questions once and for all. Feel free, though, to ask me anything else. Remember, there are no dumb questions. Just some annoying ones.

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