One Cool Relationship

It’s one of the cooler parties of the holiday season and one I never miss. WDVE pre-tapes it’s morning show at Diesel nightclub on the South Side. They have been doing it for years and it’s featured guests from the entire year as well as skits incorporating some holiday humor. Below is a shot of sports guy Mike Prisuta reciting a Steeler version of the “12 Days of Christmas”.

WDVE and WTAE have a very cool relationship. I wouldn’t say it’s a formal partnership, but rather a good friendship. The morning team of Jim Krenn, Randy Baumann, Mike Prisuta and Val Porter have always invited WTAE folks to appear on their top-rated morning show … and we have in large numbers. Jannelle Hall, Sally Wiggin, Jon Burton and myself always call-in or serve as fill-in anchors during the year.

WDVE Morning Team: Val Porter, Randy Baumann, Mike Prisuta & Jim Krenn

Aside from the great promotion ( for some reason every time I’m on WDVE, I get more feedback from people than when I do two hours of morning TV ), it’s a chance to let our hair down and have some fun in a non-scripted, fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants format. Thanks to our friends at DVE for letting us be part of the party once again.

Hey, I wanted to point this out to everyone since I like to think this blog is not just mine, but ours. The City Paper featured this blog in theirYinz Keep Blogging” section of this week’s paper. No praise or criticism, just an entry from this blog and a heads-up to readers that this might be worth checking out. I’m sorry I didn’t write something more exciting that day, but I appreciate the nod.

I also wanted to say “thanks” to everyone who took a few moments to write back and tell me how much they were moved by the story in Thursday’s blog. There were more than a few people who told me the tale of growing older with parents moved them to tears. All that I hope is that it will make us think twice about our parents as they age … and our responsibility to them.

Have a great weekend .. and good luck getting our holiday shopping done!


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