Majoring in Chemistry

Confession time. The best grade I ever got in science in high school was a B. However, after a year and a half of doing this morning job, I guess I should have majored in science because according to viewers who take the time to stop me on the street, I’m getting straight A’s in chemistry.

It’s probably the nicest, and most common complement I receive from viewers and it happened again at a Christmas party over the weekend. The woman said, “I just love you and Kelly. You have such great chemistry”. That sentiment was repeated at the gym the next morning as I was working out and the woman next to me said the same thing.

It’s always nice to be complimented on your work, but you can tell people are seeing something more than just you on TV when they remark about the chemistry you have with your co-anchor. In our field, pairing anchor teams is a little like science: you toss two people together and see what happens. In my experience, one of three things is going to happen when you spend two hours together with someone every morning. Either you will become the best of friends, you work together professional and not passionately, or you end up wanting to kill one another.

Fortunately, in our case, we have become friends. I have learned more about outdoor gardening and home remolding than ever and Kelly at least appreciates the subtleties of hitting out of a sand trap. We laugh and joke, we complain and compliment, we share handshakes as well as hugs.

I think the key to chemistry in this business is the willingness to put aside your ego for the success of the team. I always try to play the straight guy and tend to follow Kelly’s lead. She is a seasoned journalist and I’m new at this. At the same time, she allows me to be more relaxed and light-hearted, which makes for a much more upbeat program. It’s the team concept that let’s us succeed as individuals.

I always hope that no matter where I go or who I’m paired up with, I will always have some sort of chemistry with my co-anchor. I just wish I had figured out this chemistry thing back in high school, Then again, maybe I would be doing something else for a living if I had.

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