Cutting the Cord

It took 39 years .. but I finally cut the cord.
After Ashley DiParlo’s “Plugged In” story about 2007 being the first year cell phone spending surpasses landline phone spending, I went ahead and got rid of my home phone. It wasn’t easy. After all, since I was a child there was always a phone in my house and I always believed you needed to have a dedicated line in case of an emergency.

My cell ( and now only ) phone

But then, Sharon and I looked at our phone usage. First of all, I’m never home and she is
rarely there. Unless Boobaloo learns how to dial and has a group of fellow dogs he needs to
bark at over the phone, there is no one there to use it. Then, when we do check messages,
it’s always some telemarketer or it’s my parents ( for some reason, they just don’t call me
on my cell phone despite my frequent requests ).

We both live in this mobile world and even when I’m at home, I’m on my cell phone. I just
like the convenience and people find it’s easier to remember my cell number than my home
phone number. So today, I cut the cord … and probably saved $60-$70 bucks. Now, I do
admit that I’m a little nervous. I mean what do I if someone is trying to reach me and my
phone is charging overnight? Perhaps it’s channel 4 trying to get a hold of me in the event I oversleep. All I know is that it’s time to take that daring leap ( some would call it daring ) and really join the 21st century.

I cut the cord a few times in my life. When I was born. When I left for college. Now, at 39,
one final cut.

Happy Holidays! I’ll talk to you again after Christmas!

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