Swin Cash: She’s Money!

It’s a phrase that was popular during the 90’s .. and I think it applies to a woman I met exactly ten years ago. A woman who was but a teenager at the time, but has become a woman of exceptional talent and success. A woman who has become a person an entire community can count on. A “money” performer.

Swin Cash is well known to many who play high school sports in this area. During the 90’s, she was the best basketball player in the area and only Suzie McConnell-Serio matches her locally on the accomplishment scale. Swin has won a NCAA title, 2 WNBA crowns and one gold medal.

But it’s off the court where she excels. She has become both a model and TV broadcaster. She has become active in the Boys and Girls Clubs. She wants to work with the likes of Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch to bring economic development to her depressed hometown of McKeesport .. and now she has started her own charitable concern: Cash for Kids.

The goal of the organization is simple: Funding other programs to keep kids off the streets. However, her organization is also setting the example as she gives back to something near and dear to her heart: Harrison Village.

The housing complex where she grew up and first started playing ball is in desperate need of repair. So she is funding the renovation of the basketball and softball areas as well as building a refreshment stand with restroom facilities. (Watch The Video Report Here)

Part of that fundraising effort will include a New Year’s Eve party in West Mifflin. You can find more about that event at her web site, swincash.com.

On a personal note, I have gotten to know Swin over the years and from our first encounter – when I made her student-athlete of the week in 1998 – I have always thought she was bound for great things. Since then, she has met movers and shakers like Oprah Winfrey and Denzel Washington, but she has always been that little girl who never forgot where she grew up. Most of all, she has become what she did not have as a child … an athletic role model. There were no female pro athletes when she was growing. Now there are.

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