Getting Plugged In

It’s confession time once again.

I do not pre-read all the scripts before getting on the set in the morning. Now, don’t panic. I do read all the scripts I will be reading during the two-hour broadcast, but I still want to be genuinely surprised by some of the stories in the show. Thus, I don’t read over Kelly Frey’s material and I never read what Ashley DiParlo has for the day’s “Plugged In” report.

In the very short period of time since she joined our morning team, I have grown to love her “Plugged In” reports and look forward to being enlightened every day. I think it’s because in the past year, I have become somewhat of a “tech geek” myself – reading up on the latest gadgets and gizmos due to hit the marketplace. I also like to take a peek inside her blog in case she has some extra tech goodies for me.

We always hear that technology is for the young – and as we get older, it gets harder to learn about the newest phones or digital devices. I think the opposite is true. As we mature, we need to use and stay current with the latest devices because they make this ever more-complicated world much easier.

In the past year I have purchased an iPod as well as an iPod touch with wi-fi, and while I have not bought the latest phone or Blackberry, I know when my contract anniversary kicks in and I get that free upgrade, I’ll know exactly what to buy. I can honestly say that Ashley is able to dig up something that I will find interesting or provide a “wow” factor every morning. It also depresses me to some extent, because I know that whatever I end up buying, she will tell me two weeks later about something better and faster. Such is life in the world of rapidly changing technology.


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