A Waste of My Tax Dollars

First up, thanks for all the coffee suggestions. I never knew there were so many different types of coffee .. or flavors. I think I may take up coffee sampling as a hobby and try to surprise the folks here each morning.

Now, onto today’s post, and I have decided not to pay my taxes this year.

No, I’m not doing a Wesley Snipes here and acting as if I don’t have to pay taxes – and chances are I will end up giving my share to the IRS anyway. But if I could, I would not give the government a dime after what I witnessed on TV yesterday. You probably saw it as well.

The congressional hearings into steroids in baseball continued on Capitol Hill. Another great use of your tax dollars at work. What is the world is congress doing getting involved in this steroid issue? There is a war going on , the economy is tanking and we desperately need campaign finance reform and where does congress decide to spend its’ valuable time? Asking whether or not baseball players cheated a decade ago.

It’s a game, not life and death and at the time those drugs were not illegal. If congress really wants to be involved in stopping the use of drugs, how about focusing on the drug problem that is killing young people in the inner city instead of the drugs used by millionaire ballplayers to hit the ball better?

I cannot believe my elected officials have nothing better to do that focus on whether someone cheated in a game. If that’s the case, when will they hold hearings into the sport of wrestling? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s entertainment and nothing more. Baseball is just a game and to spend congressional manpower and hours on what amounts to a cheating scandal seems not only a waste but also an insult to those of us in this country with real problems.

OK, I will pay my taxes so I won’t get into trouble. However, I’m doing it under protest


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