Burning the Candles at Both Ends

I know many of you that watch the morning show might also get home in time for the 6pm news. If you are one of those people, you may have done a double take last night and asked the following questions: Was that Andrew Stockey sitting next to Sally Wiggin .. and was he wearing the same suit and tie he had on this morning? The answer to both questions .. is yes.

It’s not the first time I have done the morning and the evening shows. This time, Mike Clark was a bit under the weather so I came back later to anchor the 6pm broadcast. This morning, I’m paying the price. I’m exhausted and – after staying up late talking with Sharon about vacation plans – I’m going on four hours sleep. I’m also going on adrenaline.

There is nothing like an adrenaline rush to get you going. When I was younger, I got that rush from playing football .. and as you can see below .. I had a little bit of success as a running back. When you get older and your playing days are long done, you need to find something else to excite you. For me, it’s that rush of working in the non-stop world of TV news.

photo courtesy: My Dad

From anchoring the live show for two hours every morning .. to going out and shooting a story during the day about security in Market Square .. to coming back and anchoring the 6pm news, it was a non-stop day of excitement. I didn’t even mind returning those phone calls.

Plus, I figure I will have time to sleep this weekend. So if you see doing the 6am and 6pm, don’t worry. Know that I’m having fun because I’m doing something I enjoy and something I know I won’t get to do forever.

By the way, digging through the old photo file I found another picture from my past:

It’s me hanging out in high school with two of my dear friends at the time. Heather, on the left, is a mom living in Massachusetts and Ann, on the right, is married and has a home business in New York. I thought it was a cute picture of three friends before we left the bubble of high school and embarked on life in the real world.


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