Last Word on the "Lynching" Controversy

It was an on-going mini-series on my blog Friday.

I’m speaking about my reaction to the Golfweek cover photo showing a noose in reaction the controversy involving comments made about Tiger Woods by a TV announcer. The cover photo which somehow sneaked past the sensibilities of the Golfweek editorial staff.

As you might remember ( feel free to scroll down a few lines in case you have forgotten ), as a Golfweek subscriber I e-mailed a letter to editor Dave Seanor criticizing the choice of cover and cancelling my subscription. Well, about a half hour after that, Golfweek fired Seanor. I’m not taking responsibility for that. I doubt my single e-mail made a difference. Rather it was the collective e-mails of thousands of offended people.

Well, last night I received a response from Golfweek’s new editor. Craig Horan acknowledged my letter and apologized for Golfweek’s error in judgement. Golfweek went onto say that Seanor never viewed the cover in question before it went to print.Then, he asked me if he could use my letter – along with dozens of others – as part of a special issue due out this week apologizing for the cover photo as well on their website.

I never expected to hear a word from them .. and was honestly surprised that I not only received a response but was asked for permission to use my letter. I guess sometimes one lone voice is heard.

I’m thinking about e-mailing the oil companies next.

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