Selling .. and Scrambling

I told you a few months ago about Sharon and I – and our attempt to sell our house amid the worse housing market in years. We wanted to move closer to the city because, even though we love where we live, after four years the commute from Washington county was just killing us .. especially yours truly.

However, real estate is one of those unpredictable things. Just last Friday, after more than a year on the market, someone came by our house and loved the look and made us an offer. We had the home under contract in 24 hours. Great! Then, a day later, a guy pulls up to the house in his white Mercedes and says he’s interested in looking inside and buying. When it rains, it pours!

Now for the down side. Our buyer loves our little abode so smuch, theyt want to get into the home in six weeks. Since they are buying, who am I to say no. But the speed of the sale has Sharon and I in one of those strange situations where we have to find a place to purchase — and fast! That kind of takes the fun out of casually shopping for a new home.

So where do we go … and what will we buy? When you are under the gun, it makes you think about what is truly important. For us, it’s about being close to the city and still being close to our friends. It’s about convenience to I-79 & I-279 which takes Sharon to work and takes me into town. It’s about a place where there is someone to do outdoor work and maintenance because I hate to mow the lawn.

But most of all, it’s about finding a place to go home. I have been a nomad much of my life, always leaving half my belongings unpacked because I think I’m going to have to move at a moment’s notice. I know it’s kind of silly for someone who has been in Pittsburgh for 13 years, but that’s my quirky hang-up.

Wish us luck as we engage in the speed round of house shopping. At least it’s a buyer’s market.


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  1. Highly descriptive blog, I loved that bit. Will there be a part

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