A License To Fight?

I have often wondered who commission all these studies we report about on the news. I used to think someone just sat in a room and thought, “Hey, I wonder whether couples who fight are healthier than those who don’t”.

Well, someone has actually done a study on that very topic.

The University of Michigan has tracked 200 couples over the last 17 years and found the mortality rate is twice as high among couples that do fight than those who suppress their emotions.

Looks like I’m headed to an early grave.

I’m the one in our marriage who hates conflict. I would rather let a problem fester than deal with it immediately – which is the exact opposite of the way I am at work. I hate to procrastinate.

Sharon, on the other hand, loves to talk things out. She’s not afraid of sharing her feelings and concerns.

Now, while I feel there are way too many studies in the world, I do think this particular one gives all couples reason for pause. In the end, whether it’s about your lifespan or just being happy, we all need to share our feelings with the people in our lives.

It’s never an easy thing to be honest – especially with yourself. However, that might be the only way to find true happiness – whether it be at work or with your wife. With that in mind, maybe I’ll try to open up a bit more – and maybe even get into the occasional shouting match with the Mrs. After all, I would like to be around as long as possible.


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